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2015 Season (12 Month, July Start)
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2015 Season (6 Month, July Start)
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2015 Pasture Raised Turkey, Goose & Duck Reservations
Coulee View Family Farm pasture raised heritage turkey and white turkeys will be available in time for Thanksgiving. Contact us now if you are interested in reserving one of these birds for your Thanksgiving table. Heritage Turkey. Heritage turkeys are slow growing, naturally mating birds that were grown before the Broad Breasted White turkey that most of us are now familiar with. The slow growing aspect makes these birds vary flavorful which is intensified by there life on pasture. Our heritage turkeys this year are mostly Bourbon Red plus a couple of Royal Palm for their looks. Heritage turkey are smaller than the modern, store-bought turkey. We expect our Bourbon Red toms to be in the 11 to 14 lb range and the hens to be in the 7 to 10 lb range. If you have a very large meal, consider roasting a couple of birds. The cost for Coulee View Family Farm heritage turkey is $6.25/lb for Toms and $6/lb for hens. This price is a significant savings over mail order sites like these: D'Artagnan, Ninman Ranch, Heritage Foods USA, Rancho Pinot Note that purchasing heritage turkey actually helps conserve the breed as explained by on the Livestock Conservancy website: It's all about supply and demand. Purchasing heritage breed products encourages farmers and ranchers to breed more animals to meet demand for their products. Although some animals are consumed, the overall breed population increases when more animals are bred, contributing to the overall stability of breed populations. Broad Breasted White Turkey. Broad Breasted White turkey is the breed that most of us are familiar with. If you get a turkey at the store it is most likely a Broad Breasted White (BBW). Our BBWs provide a very important service for us as they keep our heritage birds more or less "grounded". Without them, our heritage birds would be roosting in the trees at night which makes them easy prey for our local Great Horned Owls. The addition of BBW turkeys to our flock keeps them all out of the trees (because the BBWs can't fly) and keeps them coming home to roost in our turkey trailer Being faster growing birds means that the BBW doesn't have the full, deep flavor that our heritage birds do, but the pasture raised aspect still makes them much more flavorful than a conventionally raised turkey. The BBW birds also grow larger; it is difficult to estimate their size until they are processed but I'm roughly estimating that the hens will be in the 14 to 20 lb range and the Toms will be in the 18 to 24 lb range. The cost for Coulee View Family Farm Broad Breasted White turkey is $4.85 per pound.